GCS MedTrans Best Performance and Best Price in the Industry

GCS MedTrans software is a complete software solution to manage logistical requirements of a health care medical transportation business involved in transporting people (patient) efficiently thereby managing cash flow and at the same time provide excellent service to patients. GCS MedTrans provides software for both non-emergency and emergency medical transportation..

Small to mid-size medical transportation businesses can manage a large volume of information, as well as schedule, bill and record hundreds of activities. GCS MedTrans has been carefully designed to give you the specific capabilities you need for maximum efficiency in your business. The strength of GCS MedTrans is a simple to use software whose primary purpose is to make electronic claim submission (HIPAA EDI) easy and process electronic payments (ERN) easy as well. The software allows electronic submission to Medicare, Medi-Cal, Blue Cross and any other private insurance. It also allows printing of CMS 1500 insurance claims forms. GCS MedTrans provides easy to use scheduling mechanism, multi-facility routes and manage driverís schedules.

With regular updates to the software new health care regulation requirements are kept up to date. We pride in keeping the software simple and focused thereby helping our customers manage their cash flow efficiently.

Why choose our product?

  • Flexibility:

    Order only the modules you need in your practice. You donít pay for more than you will actually use, as you do with some high-priced programs.

  • Ease of use:

    No technical expertise is needed. Basic computer skills are all that are necessary to learn and use the program. Many time-saving shortcuts are built into the software to make your day more productive and less stressful

  • HIPAA Compliant:

    GCS MedTrans complies with HIPAA Version 5010. Optional upgrades keep you current. We ensure that every customer of ours is ready and good to go with 5010 electronic submissions.

  • Price:

    Our programs are the lowest price available to fit the budgets of our small to mid-size medical practice clients.

Some of the key product capabilities of GCS MedTrans

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Recurring Billing
  • Practice Analysis
  • Patient Ledger
  • Patient Statements
  • Delivery and Pick-Up slip
  • Resubmit Claims to Secondary Insurance
  • Inventory Need report
  • Purchases Entry
  • Inventory Control
  • Form Editor (CMS 1500, Statements + more)
  • Checks Report
  • Insurance Aging
  • Batch Reports
  • Appeal and Claim Inquiry Forms
  • Electronic Billing Options:
    • Medicare (Noridian)
    • Medi-Caid (California Medi-Cal)
    • Private Insurance Companies (Through Clearing House)
    • AutoPay- ERA ANSI 835 Auto-Posting

Why choose us?

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Top Performance

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Afforable pricing

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Electronic Submissions (EDI)

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HIPAA Compliant

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Easy to use

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Personal, Efficient Service

When I decided to become a medical biller, I looked at many software applications. Many were priced far out of reach for me. Some less expensive ones didn't have the automated features I needed.

GCS Health was the perfect option for me because their softwares are very powerful, but extremely affordable.
ProMed Billing

Please give George and Andy in Technical Support a big thank you for the updates in the Report Menu.

The new reports they created have been very helpful in tracking claims, solving problems and insuring a steady and timely cash flow.

It has been real pleasure in working with all of you at Glendale Computer Services.

David H. Talbert
Bell Christian Home (ADHC)