GCS Health was founded in 1987. Our products are designed specifically for small and medium-size medical offices. The company has adopted a Best Value for Performance policy for its products. This focus not only makes the programs popular with cost-conscious medical firms, but has also given us a solid reputation as a leader in the field. We understand that there are many software solutions on the market today, only GCS Health offers all this:

1. Lowest Basic Program Prices in the Industry.

GCS Health is the price leader to help small practices and healthcare companies reduce the cost of management and billing.

2. Top Performance and ease of use

Our software includes all the features required for a successful Insurance billing practice. We constantly upgrade and refine the software in response to customer suggestions for enhanced functionality. One main reason why our software is successful is that anyone with basic computer skills will find our software user-friendly. The screens are designed to be comfortable on the eyes. Time-saving shortcuts not available from other companies.

3. Personal, Efficient Service.

We pride in providing excellent customer service. We respond quickly to resolve any issue because we understand the demands of small businesses. The optional Annual Support plan provides unlimited technical support.

4. HIPAA Compliant.

All medical software complies with HIPAA Version 5010A1. We update to keep all software compatible with insurers