GCS Health Maintenance Policy

GCS Health is committed to serving and responding to the needs of the Health care user community. With the intent to maximize your success in using its software products, GCS Health offers a flexible, timely, and complete support program. This Policy defines the software maintenance services that GCS Health will provide to its subscribing users (Clients). GCS Health reserves the right to modify the conditions of this Policy or the pricing structure that it defines at any time.

Maintenance Program
GCS Health provides maintenance and support for its software products, namely, MedOffice, MedSup, MedTrans, and DayCare.

Purchasing Maintenance and Support. Maintenance and support program is available on an annual basis and is purchased for a period of 12 months at a time. At the end of the every paid maintenance period, continued maintenance and support can be purchased for the GCS Health software product.

What Is Included. Maintenance and support includes access to technical support, the correction of defects or errors in GCS Health software purchased, and future releases of and upgrades to the purchased software.

What Is Not Included. Maintenance and support does not include the correction of defects or errors in third-party software in the Client's operating environment such as the PC, third-party hardware or software. GCS Health does not provide patches for any release other than the most current version.

Software Releases and Updates. Software updates are provided as part of the maintenance and support program. GCS Health is committed to continually enhancing products, and typically provides one or two releases every year. These releases correct defects and errors in the software, and sometimes add new functionality or enhance existing functionality. If you are currently enrolled in a maintenance and support program, GCS Health will provide download information, at no charge, for all releases of those software products that you have purchased.

Renewing Your Maintenance. Approximately 30 days prior to the completion of the maintenance period, GCS Health will notify you that the maintenance period is coming to a close, and will provide an invoice to purchase annual maintenance and support for the coming year.

If You Don't Subscribe. Clients will have a grace period of 15 business days after the end of the maintenance period to renew their maintenance. If you renew your maintenance during the grace period, GCS Health will require 10 business days (2 weeks) to activate your maintenance agreement. If you fail to renew your maintenance at the end of the paid maintenance period by failing to pay the invoiced amount, GCS Health will discontinue and disable technical support with no further notice. GCS Health users who do not have paid maintenance will not receive software releases and updates. However, Clients with no maintenance can purchase new version of the GCS Health software for a price. Please call GCS Health for more information on pricing.

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When I decided to become a medical biller, I looked at many software applications. Many were priced far out of reach for me. Some less expensive ones didn't have the automated features I needed.

GCS Health was the perfect option for me because their softwares are very powerful, but extremely affordable.
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Please give George and Andy in Technical Support a big thank you for the updates in the Report Menu.

The new reports they created have been very helpful in tracking claims, solving problems and insuring a steady and timely cash flow.

It has been real pleasure in working with all of you at Glendale Computer Services.

David H. Talbert
Bell Christian Home (ADHC)